Elite Apprentice Program

By Andy Dane Carter


What You get in my Mastermind Group & Millionaire Mindset Group +

  • Access to me via VOXER voice message and text ($1,000 value)
  • My personal Email to send me deals to help you Vent and negotiate if you'd like my help ( $10,000 value)
  • A 1 hour call with me one time a month for the 90-day experience ( I'm $500 an hour for investment calls $1500 value)
  • The Chance to come with me and other investors on a field trip to see first hand how to buy cash flow properties
  • PLUS! You get me for 2 days all day to help you find deals, negotiate deals, and you can ask me all the questions you want in person. We will have dinner together on the second night. ($20,000 Value)
Total Value for the Elite Apprentice Program $37,300
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